11 Great Photo-bombers of Our Generation, No. 10 Deserves A Medal

There is always that time in every person’s life when you take a picture and realize later something or someone who has completely ruined the picture or if you’re lucky made it awesome. In most of our pictures, you wouldn’t miss these instances where one makes faces in the background, or foreground if you’re unlucky enough, or someone (or schrodinger’s cat) suddenly jumping into view just when the flash goes off.

These photobombs may add a completely new life to your photo or completely ruin it. All in all, you still look back at the photos, remember the moments and smile. This age-old practice has become part of our lives that we can’t help but appreciate. We can all agree on one thing, the most perfect photo bombs cannot be planned. They just happen, randomly and completely blow our minds away. Have you ever looked at a picture and noticed the photo bombers stole the show more than the people who the camera was focused on? Or maybe you are the culprit? Yes, think of the time you spoiled your little brother’s/sister’s moment of fame by making funny faces in the background, we all can relate, whether it was a selfie moment or a group photo. We have therefore compiled some photo bombers who completely blew our minds away. Dive in.

This particular one tops our list because of the surprise in it and the perfect timing. Gate crushing a wedding photo is all time epic and this guy on the bike just proved that. Notice the surprise on his face.

Hit below the belt. Guys can attest to this as the guy who is about to let go of the plates in his hands in the background. The camera man must have completely shifted focus when the guy “screamed”.

Creeping into a photo is not just done by ordinary people but also celebrities. Actually, theirs are the most awkward like Gary’s photo bomb here into John Legend and Chrisie’s selfie lol, really dude.

Okay guys, how do you describe this dude gaping behind the couple’s magical photo moment? I am just going to leave this here for you to decide. Otherwise, this is hilarious.

Even animals know how to steal the moment. Our eyes are totally fixed on this curious turtle that decided to take on the limelight. On second thought, the turtle actually made the group photo totally awesome and natural.

I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair. Isn’t this just amazing photo bomb moment. Before you start getting doubts, it is not photoshoped. It’s just perfect timing and clean moves.

Prepare to be blown out of the way. I mean, this fish literally told the guy, “get your face outta here; I wanna be seen man.” And clearly, we think the guy is fish-faced.

This particular photobomb takes the crown home. How many times do you get to see a whale congratulate you on your wedding and share your happiness? This one is perfectly and uniquely rare.

IMG 10
It is not just people who are fond of sneaking into bridal photo shoots from the back. Even animals, like this bird flying right in front of the camera.

Such large sea life jumping right onto the beach when you are taking a photo; isn’t it a picture you will treasure? A rare occurrence of wild and human life.

IMG 11
Celebrities are the ones with the most frequent photobombs. Beyonce’s moment is totally not hers with this guy eating pizza and texting in the background.

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