14 Pictures of Animals Doing Crazy Stuff, No. 8 Will Crack You Up

By now it’s pretty clear that animals are capable of surprising us in many different ways. That doesn’t make them weird. Rather, it adds to the joy of having pets around and interacting with the wild. With the steps technology has taken to improve our lives as human beings, don’t you think animals will also try to keep up with the times? Seriously though, next time you walk in on your dog trying to flash the toilet, do not panic, just congratulate him/her.

There are stories of cats handling the remote control, dogs and cats ‘shaking hands’, dancing pets, singing pets and other unbelievable stories about animals. Wait, have you seen a Facebook update by a cat? Lol… seems crazy. Well, that’s why we call it crazy things animals do. They always seem unbelievable until someone takes the initiative to capture these moments. Therefore, we have collected photos of several instances of animal craziness that made us wow and give them thumbs up. Just scroll down and laugh your hearts out with these pictures. Number 9 and 12 will warm your hearts.

imag 1
This dog decided to jump right in front of the camera because the people the camera was focused on were not looking at it. See the leap and how it’s been captured right as it leaps over.

Image 2
Lol…can you imagine what this cow was thinking about when it stared right into the camera with the donkey on the background trying to cross the fence of the lair. It kind of looks like something we do when someone gets stuck jumping fence, right?

Image 3
“Let me just take a little bite and leave before they come back.” Says the cat salivating at the pizza.

Image 4
This particular adorable cat is cold and wants you to know that. Notice the clear eyes and the tilted head. Am suspecting this cat had been watching a baby do this and decided to enact the scene.

Image 5
Be careful not to fall off your seat with laughter at this hygienic cat saving itself from a bathroom embarrassment. Quite a scene we do not behold every day. When we said technology has also made animals keep up with times, we meant every word of it.

Image 6
While watching robbery movies or playing robbery games, try to ensure your dog is not close by; or you might just walk in one day to meet with the guy asking you to drop your wallets.

Image 7
Okay, now this is simply hilarious. MOVIE TIME, with popcorns and warm clothing. Can you guess which movie is keeping this dog’s eyes locked on the screen like that?

Image 8
When you leave work feeling under the weather, a drink is what crosses your mind first. Even this nice dog says, “Man, I need a drink. I had a crappy day.” lol.

Image 9
Unlikely friendships. This dog is calling for a truce with the cat. No more chasing each other around.

Image 10
Let me check out what king of camera you are using to take my friends photo, dude. And the dog photobombed the other.

Image 11
The reptile at the back shuts up as soon as the cat turns to look at it. Yes, sir.

Image 12
Buy your cat a laptop if you do not want to share yours with it. This fella decided to check his mails and from the way he is engrossed, looks like he has a full inbox.

Image 13
“Who says just because am a pig, I should walk barefoot on mud. No way. I need boots.” I rest my case.

Image 14 “Happy Birthday to me!” says the walrus. And the cake looks pretty yummy too.

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