10 Breathtaking Places You Never Knew Existed, Is No. 4 Real?

Check out these 10 stunning unearthly destinations we came across. These breathtaking places seems impossible, No. 4 looks like it’s from a space movie. Prepare to have your mind blown, we promise we are not playing with your imagination. These tour destinations are as real and live as these photos.

Starry Beach in Maldives
This beach that illuminates with little dots of light making it look like a sky full of stars is actually natural. Located in Maldives, the beach has microscopic organisms called bio luminescent phytoplankton that emit light more visible when its dark; quite a sight to behold.

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan.
This one looks like a page out of a painter’s book. The park has flowers that cover about 3.5 hectares of land and they bloom all year round; blue nemophilas are especially famous. There’s nothing as beautiful as the beach and flowers combined.

Stone Forest, Madagascar
Ever heard of a forest of stones? This completely natural land formation located in the heart of Madagascar is made of tall razor sharp stones that are actually homes to lemurs. For nature lovers, it’s quite breathtaking from aerial view.

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan
Some things are believable when you see them for yourself. This work of nature is those places that make you respect nature. An opening on the ground that is on fire from hot rocks underground, this natural occurrence commands respect from any beholder.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
Green, green and green is all the words to describe this beautifully formulated tunnel. It is not from a fairytale novel or a graphically designed photograph. This tunnel exist in Ukraine and the calmness in it combined with the peace of nature makes it perfect for lovers to stroll along it, giving it the name tunnel of love.

Ice Canyon, Greenland
In the past, it was covered by an ice sheet and later when melting started to occur, the Grand Canyon was exposed. It is believed to be the longest and looking at from top simply tells you that Mother Nature is still giving life to new amazing things.

Underground natural springs in Mexico
This is a mind blowing natural wonder site that looks like it’s in outer space. These are formed from cenotes, which are deposits of spring water found underground. It looks like a well crafted well with a water heater and pump propelling the water upward constantly.

Bamboo forest, Japan
Located in Arashiyama, Japan, this forest tells a story of sunlight sweeping through the bamboo floors and shadows of monkeys jumping on top of the bamboo branches. The bamboo forest paths are over 500 meters. The path is steady and broadens as you go deeper making it even more adventurous.

Sandstone formations, Arizona
You might have seen this on your desktop as wallpaper or in a booklet somewhere and thought it’s just the creation of an artist. But these sandstone formations are real in Arizona. They are perfectly curved like waves; almost like they were curved into shape by human hands.

Blood Falls in Antarctica
Seeing this for the first time without an explanation behind the color of the falls might lead you to think blood is actually flowing from the falls. This is actually a result of the out-flowing iron oxide saltwater that flows into the surface of West Lake Bonney.

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