14 Quirky Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas To Wow Him This Holiday

Christmas season is here and what better way to add shine to the festivities than getting the perfect gifts for the people you love. Opening Christmas stocking filler is a fun part of Christmas and stuffing the stockings can a fun too. Before you start searching for the items, think about the person’s interests and decide on a budget if desired. Tailor your stocking to the individual and their age then choose the stuffing.  Amazon has a wide range of the quirkiest gifts that will bring fun and laughter to the lives of family and friends. The gift ideas outlined below will spin you into a world of discovery and endless possibilities in gift ideas. They are unique items that area meant not only to bring joy and laughter but also instill life lessons.

It is easy to shop for the goods; Amazon offers a quick way identifying and selecting the preferences. Here is a stocking filler list of amazon products:

1. 100 Custom Golf Tees Set

This is a set of personalized tee set with a name or up to 23 characters of text in all caps. The set are made of strong birch wood which is deciduous hardwood tree. Meaning that the tees would be durable and last for seasons. This golf set is especially suited for beginners because it doesn’t break easily. Each tee is 2 ¾ inches (equals to 69mm) and one can choose from a variety of colors including white to light assortments with black imprints.

This kind of Christmas stocking filler gift is specifically for men golf lovers. Those who have a passion for the sport and love to stand out in a crowd due to their unique taste in sport merchandise. Considering the amount of money golfers spend on the sport, it makes sense have good quality tees for better performance. Therefore, these are the perfect gifts to any golfer.

2. Beard Straightener For Men; Multi Functional Hair Styler, Electric Hot Comb And Beard Straightening Brush

Beard Straightener for men For christmas stocking filler

This a very unique gift item for men. It has a dual voltage of 110-240V and it is perfect for men who travel a lot. It has a unique functionality in that it can straighten beard in one minute. Also, it heats quickly in 60 seconds. The straightener can handle varying degree of hair volume to meet different styling needs. It can keep hair flattened or curly depending on personal preference. This gives both the hair and beard a long-lasting effect and keeps it neat all day.

The device has two temperatures modes, low and high for soft and thick hair respectively. It was designed with a soft rubber comb teeth outside the ceramic to prevent hair damage. The voltage type makes the tool super light-weighted hence it is great for travel. It is also suitable for use all over the world, one needs to convert the plug to the suitable local plug depending on country of use. Amazon provides a 30-day return/replacement service.

3. Manscaped Men’s Ball Deodorant, Male Care Hygiene Moisturizer

Manscaped Men's Ball Deodorant for Christmas stocking filler

The deodorant has humidity absorbing, anti-chaffing ball which is a uniquely designed formula for men. It is infused with ingredients to preserve the skins essential barrier, promote anti-bacterial protection and maintain all day freshness with velvety skin finish.

4. Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water 1 6oz Can

Witty Yetis Dehydrated for Christmas stocking filler

The water can is a funny gag gift featuring 16oz steel can for long-term storage. It is 100% organic , BPA free and low in sodium. This is a great gag gift for guys who love goofy presents and pranks or a surprise for a guy friend who loves humor in their Christmas stocking fillers.

5. Prank Pack “Roto Wipe” – Wrap Your Real Gift in A Prank Funny Gag Joke Gift Box

Prank Pack “Roto Wipe” for Christmas stocking filler

At first thought, prank gift boxes appear to have bizarre products from ridiculous companies. But the whole idea is, put your real present inside the box and keep a straight face as you watch the person intended for the prank trying to remain gracious. Please note that it is just an empty prank gift box. It therefore adds laughter to the party. These boxes are of high quality, made in the USA with 100% recyclable cardboard

6. How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, And Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety for Christmas stocking filler

This book is full of humor and suitable for grandfathers. It brings out a contrast of the ancient and the modern world and the challenges that come as a result of globalization. In retrospect, dogs used to be the biggest threats to cats but in the recent world, modern cats must confront Satanists, online predators and post-apocalyptic wasteland that threatens their nine lives.

7. Potty Putter Toilet Golf (Original Version)

Potty Putter Toilet Golf for Christmas stocking filler

This is a such a quirky gift idea. It offers extra practice time every time one goes to the bathroom. This is a perfect gift idea for men golfers. The contents include its own putting green, cup with flag, two golf balls, putter and a “do not disturb” door hanger. It is simple and easy to set up. These exciting golf gadgets adds fun and excitement to bathroom moments.

8. Puntastic Dad Jokes: Full of The Best Dad Jokes in The World 

Stocking Stuffers for Men.png

This gift idea is well suited for dads, especially those who love to read. It is a joke book he can use anywhere. It has a compilation of great dad jokes to make everyone laugh, witty retorts for any situation and excellent one liners for a quick chuckle.

9. The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change A Tire, Impress A Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive

The Manual to Manhood.png

A very relevant and unique gift for young men, as they grow and prepare to make a way in the world. There are many important skills and character traits they should acquire in order to ace life. The writer, Jonathan Catherman, offers a hundred step by step instructions on things a guy needs to know. They include how to wear cologne correctly, grill steak, tie a tie, talk to a girl, plan a date, write a resume, ask for reference, fold a shirt and many more.

10. 16-Color Motion Sensor Toilet Bowl Night Light – Gadget

16 Color Motion Sensor Toilet Bowl Night Light for Christmas stocking filler

This a funny Gift Idea for Husband, Dad or Boyfriend. This night light turns an ordinary toilet into a smart one. It is equipped with flawless light and infra-red motion sensors, the toilet light will illuminate the toilet bowl when one goes into the bathroom in the middle of the night. Therefore, this is brilliant Christmas stocking filler for young boys since as it has up to 16 changing colors and it is suitable for empowering children in dealing with fear of potty training.

11. Freudian Slippers – Comfy Plush Slip-On Footwear

Freudian Slippers .png

These slip on slippers are very unique and custom made. Each slipper has built-in tongue sock tongue. It comes with an attractive Christmas stocking filler gift box and makes a great gift to anyone in therapy.

12. Beer Chiller Sticks for Bottles

Beer Chiller Sticks

These beer chilling sticks keeps beer at the right drinking temperatures. This a perfect gift for dad, husband and boyfriend. Freeze the chiller for 45 minutes and insert into a beer bottle and enjoy it cold and tasty.

13. Mustard Magnetic Paper Clip Dispenser

Mustard Magnetic Paper Clip Dispenser

Bring some fun to your husband’s or boyfriend’s desk with this genius mustard paper clip holder. It has a magnetic head which makes it a tidy way to hold paperclips. This is the ultimate quirky desk accessory

14. Bottle Opener Wall Mounted with Magnetic Cap Catcher

Bottle opener.jpg

This is the perfect Christmas gift for your man. It is crafted from superior stainless steel hence perfect for both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is easy and fun to use due to its unique design that delivers countless adaptable mounting options. The quick and clean installation will allow one to quickly spark up the party. Each package includes a wall mount bottle opener, a powerful bottle top catcher and three premium sturdy screws. The packaging is an exquisite gift ready box, a perfect presentation for an unforgettable present.

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