12 Photos illustrating The Trouble of Living with Roommates

Most of us can attest to the fact that at least once in your life, you shared a room with someone. For college students, you might probably be sharing a room with a person or two. For those who have no idea what we are talking about, you will definitely share a room in future with a friend or your lover. Therefore, room matters here are sensitive and they can break your relationship, create a relationship between the two of you or strengthen your relationship. Of course there will be bad days in the room, but a good roommate will always try to make things better.
The other side of the coin in room sharing is horrifying. To be clear, some of the photos you will see here will make you think twice about having a roommate. Stories of bad pranks, dirty dishes and the stuff you never imagined people do are what you will come across if you simply settle for a stranger as a roommate. It is at these times that you hear comments such as, “God! I hate my roommate. Please make him/her die” in college dinner halls. Or you meet that one person who prefers to stay in the library till late instead of going to their room. Well, as Ned once said, brace yourselves.

This is the grossest thing you will wake up to in the morning while going to brush your teeth. Yes. Such people exist and they do not even blink when dumping hair balls in the sinks.

This is when thinks have started stinking in your roommate relationship and you can barely talk to each other. Your house turns into a notice board of reminders and announcements.

If you are the one who loves to cook in the room, that weekend you decide to go away for a road trip, things will be happening in the room. By things we mean eating junk and leaving the used cups and paper bags everywhere in the room except the trash basket.

The one who plays a silly prank on you early in the morning before you even decide whether you will have a good day or a bad day.

This is why I said brace yourself. If you thought this is impossible, see for yourself. This one decided to preserve pee sample for a checkup or probably a pregnancy test.

caucasian heterosexual couple
This happens quite frequently. There are those roommates who cannot move a muscle even when you are vacuuming. This only means they will never help with cleaning too.

There is nothing as annoying as leaving the sink spotless only to come back and find dishes from previous night’s dinner and breakfast piled up. You might wonder if you’ve become a human dishwasher that’s always ready to do the dishes.

This is most common among guys, you practically live with your roommate’s girlfriend.  You are robbed of your privacy and is most commonly forced to live outside your room.

There are those who delight in making messes everywhere they go. Any clean place is not comfortable unless its messed up big time.

Lol. When you do not share buying groceries and other stuff for the room, get ready for this; your food will be eaten away. And they always target your favorites. If you are not tough, you will be shopping for two from your pocket.

Have you ever wondered what happens to people who do not stop wasting away even when end year exams are knocking? Get a roomie like that and you will understand because they will extend their time wasted to you with their constant drinking and noise while you try to study.

As much as it’s good to respect ones items, there is always one who is too stingy to lend. They are always suspecting someone has touched their stuff or taken something that belongs to them. Actually, most times you will realize they have marked their stuff to show possession.

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