Scientists Dug Out A Bizarre Nazi Chest. What They Found Inside Is “Unlike Anything Known To Man”

An old chest bearing the symbol of a secret Nazi organization was dug out by a team of scientists in rural Southern Russia. What was found inside the chest is “unlike anything known to man” and could change the world as we know it.

shocking discovery
A team of explorers led by scientist Vladimir Melikov made a shocking discovery in a remote mountain range in Russia – Source: YouTube

Nazi artifacts are rather common discoveries in Russia. But what was found in this particular Nazi chest is truly gruesome and remarkable in every way. A team of explorers led by scientist Vladimir Melikov discovered the chest in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach, in Russia’s Adygea region.

secluded cave
The discovery was made in a secluded cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach, Russia – Source: YouTube

“We unearthed it near the Kamennomostsky village in the Adygea region, in a secluded hideout in the woods,” the leading scientist said.

A burial site of Nazi infantry believed to have been killed in an avalanche was discovered in the same area, not long ago.

The Ahnenerbe was a highly controversial institute founded by influential Nazi leader Heinrich Luitpold Himmler – Source: YouTube

Ahnenerbe, a secret Nazi institute known formally as “The Research and Teaching Community of the Ancestral Heritage, was founded on July 1, 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, longtime friend of Adolf Hitler, leading member of the Nazi Party, and one of the people most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

Nazi chest
The chest discovered in Russia is embossed with the Ahnenerbe emblem – Source: YouTube

“We found a large brown chest with a leather handle and the emblem of the secret Nazi society Ahnenerbe on the top,” Melikov said. Originally, Ahnenerbe conducted research into the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race, in the hopes of proving that the world was once ruled by a mythological Nordic population.

nazi document
Source: earth-chronicles

The secret Nazi institute soon shifted its focus to UFO studies, occultism, and paranormal research, due to Himmler’s interest in such matters.

But what could have Ahnenerbe possibly looked for in one of Russia’s most secluded areas?

nazi document
Source: earth-chronicles

The secret Nazi society is known to have made expeditions all over the world, to look for gold and explore ancient tombs.

According to Ivan Bormotov, an associate professor at the Maikop State Technological University, Ahnenerbe organized secret expeditions to the mountains of Adygea in August 1944.

nazi document
Source: earth-chronicles

Bormotov said “it is not certain whether the Nazis knew exactly what they were looking for, or what they expected to gain from the expeditions”.

nazi chest discovery
The chest bearing the insignia of the Nazi Ahnenerbe institute was found in rural Southern Russia – Source: YouTube

However, historians think the Nazis were trying to find the so-called “living water” they believed could be used to produce human blood plasma.

shocking discovery
A ring showing the Nazi Ahnenerbe emblem – Source: YouTube

Bormotov believes “the living water was more than enough reason” for Nazis to carry out secret expeditions in the mountains of Adygea.

The recently found chest and its contents were reportedly dug out in good condition and the inscription “Ahnenerbe” was crystal clear and authentic beyond question.

shocking discovery
The lid of the chest, clearly showing the official emblem of the Ahnenerbe – Source: YouTube

“The lid of the chest is clearly showing the official emblem of the Ahnenerbe, consisting of Nazi runes,” scientist Melikov said.

shocking discovery
This ring was found alongside the chest – Source: YouTube

A ring showing a soldier in a mountain cap was found alongside the chest.

Vladimir Melikov believes the ring belonged to one of the Nazi soldiers who carried the chest.

shocking discovery
Detailed map of the Adygea region made by the Nazis – Source: earth-chronicles

A detailed, full-color map of the Adygea region made by the Germans in 1941 was also unearthed at the same time. Explorers were surprised by the map’s accuracy.

shocking discovery
Strange skull found inside the Nazi chest – Source: YouTube

Inside the chest, Vladimir Melikov and his team of explorers found two mysterious skulls with what appeared to be some kind of strange horns.

When Melikov first laid eyes on the skulls, he thought they were fossilized animal remains. However, after a closer examination, he was truly shaken by what he had found.

shocking discovery
The skulls have an unusual appearance – Source: YouTube

“They are unlike anything known to man,” Melikov said.

“Note the round hole at the bottom of the head. It is the base of the spine. The position indicates that this creature moved on two legs. Another strange thing is the absence of cranial vault and jaws. A mouth, several holes distributed in a circle. The eye sockets are unusually large, and they two separate growths shaped horns. However, the facial bones are flat, as in hominids,” the scientist explained.

shocking discovery
The skulls seen in X-rays – Source: YouTube

According to Melikov, the skulls belonged to a bipedal species unknown to science, most likely an alien species that visited Earth in the past.

“Among the most mysterious features of the skulls is the absence of cranial vault and jaws,” he said. “The eye sockets were unusually large, having facial features resembling humans.”

alien remains discovered
Scientists described the skulls as alien remains – Source: YouTube

“Even when compared with the skull of a bear, it is hard to think that you do not have in your hands the remains of an alien creature,” the scientist added.

Melikov believes the mysterious skulls belonged to ancient aliens that visited Earth a long time ago. Some other researchers and mythologists think the skulls could be demonic creatures.

alien remains discovered
Various tests have been carried out on the skulls – Source: earth-chronicles

According to other scientists and historians, the remarkable discovery reaffirms the possibility that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were searching for advanced alien technology during the Second World War.

alien skull
One of the demonic-looking skulls – Source: earth-chronicles

The Nazis were long believed to have sought ancient alien remains and manuscripts in the hopes of gaining access to advanced alien technology that might have helped their war efforts.

However, the speculations were never confirmed.

alien remains
The chest and skulls are stored at an archaeological complex in Belovode – Source: YouTube

Hitler’s Nazi Germany was actively involved in developing new military technology capable of changing the course of the Second World War. In this context, the Ahnenerbe institute was investigating UFOs, trying to make contact with alien species and obtain advanced technology. Vladimir Melikov’s recent discovery confirms this theory.

Mythologists, on the other hand, believe that Melikov’s extraterrestrial creatures are in fact horned divinities which are thought to have participated in the creation of the world.

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