14 Witty Life Hacks By College Students

College is a time in your life when you realize budgeting is an essential skill of life. Sometimes you spend all your pocket money in one day and sometimes bills comes calling when the last dollar you have is being beckoned by your rumbling stomach to cater for its needs. In situations like this, reality check strikes you and you realize that for things to work out and for you to survive the college life, some life changes have to be made.
For this reason, broke college students have come up with smart ways of solving some life hacks in school. Some of the, are so smart that we would want to adapt them. Others are simply hilarious but we have to acknowledge that they are smart. These photos are to prove to you that even if college students are broke, they are rich in inventing solutions to life hacks. Enjoy.

These college students who wanted to enjoy a weekend afternoon of steak roasting and lack of a proper grill did not stop them from having fun. They prove anything that has grills can make a proper grill as long as there’s fire.

When the blizzard strikes, get creative and make a fridge right at your doorstep like this fellah. No need to waste electricity when ice is being delivered at your doorstep.

When the semester has began and there no cash to spare for cups, this student finds a perfect solution.

A broken shower needs no plumber invited. This bottle makes things easier and cheaper.

A tennis racket becomes handy in the kitchen. For a college student, everything can make anything when need arises. Thank God for the tennis player in the house.

A microwave oven is an added expense to a college student’s budget. This one found a clever way of warming pizza. Try this at home only when the iron box is perfectly clean.

This student is not going to need extra cash to but socks for the next 3 months. Lol. Just add other colors to the collection of markers.

When the side mirror of the car is broken mid month and finances do not allow any mechanic services, any mirror can do. In this case, a hair brush mirror.

Another car hack solved by using the best solution actually. Not to cause any trouble but I’m curious to see how well it works on a rainy day.

This guy added another meaning to the hood. When you think of it as swag or head cover, it’s a perfect bowl for popcorns during movie time.

This is very familiar. When the iron box has chosen the worst time to stop working or a neighbor borrowed it, this works easily. For others, no need to buy an iron box at all.

When you want to know what saving space mean, look at this photo. These guys redefined the meaning of saving space in a unique way.

Getting a comfortable couch is expensive; why not create one anywhere in the house with your bed sheets.

When these students forgot to get a trash bin, the stool became the newest model of trash bin in the market. So clever.

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