14 Horrible Tattoos That Will Make You Think Twice About Getting Inked

Tattoos were once associated with different groups of people; from hard core guys to tribal groups. Nowadays, they have become part of the trendy world and almost every celebrity we know has an inking or two somewhere on their body. Tattoo artists are pocketing thousands of dollars from both men and women who Want to add a little creation on them. Getting a tattoo artist isn’t hard. What is hard is getting a good artist that will give you a good service. By a good service we mean, when your idea of a tattoo is going to be regrettable in the near future, they will be free to tell you so. Almost half of people who get tattooed regret these tattoos in the future. Some tattoos are just so bad that even when the carriers are proud of them, we can’t help but flinch at the sight of these inking. Lets looks at some horrible inking that are making us postpone trips to tattoo artists.

If she lifted her hand near you and you saw her armpit close range, you would think she had an ulceration that is just starting to heal.

2An attempt to paste a loved one’s face on his arm only resulted into the destruction of the beauty of the loved one. If she is dead as the words appear to suggest, then the tattoo artist wanted us to know her beauty faded.

3 Permanent suspenders? Man, this is as much awkward as it is awful to look at. Just wondering if he was supposed to walk shirtless.

4 Stars are normally beautiful but decorating your face with black stars makes you look like you have a condition.

5Is there any bigger word, bigger than horrible, that can describe this tattoo? It is scary, painful to look at and not col.

6 This is the work of an inexpert artist who doesn’t know how to draw a dog or a reptile? Whatever this animal with a crown is, it doesn’t look good.

7If this guy stopped you to ask for directions, you will flee as fast as you can. Will his beard and mustache ever grow after this torture?

8A chest with a dry desert never attracts anyone. It’s a total turn off.

9This is not cool dude. People love muffins and this tattoo is an insult to this delicious snack.

10 Is this the situation going on in her tummy? It’s like a comic book about meat, fats and worms.

11This makes me cringe feeling the pain of all the kids who love ice cream cones. If he grows old with this, will he be called ice cream grandpa?

12Being unhealthy is nothing to be proud off. Displaying the unhealthy eating habits and clearing drawing them out to the world is something to be embarrassed about.

13If only this guy new that this tattoo has completely stolen his good looks? Nobody wants a shadow peering at them from an eye.

14This guy needs not blame anyone that calls him turtle head because he awfully drew it out for the world to see.

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