15 Selfie Fails That Should Never Have Made It Online

Selfies are the trending thing right now, in the mall, on the road, while sleeping, eating or just goofing around guaranteed a solo or group selfie is going down. Most of the times they are what we expect, sometimes though we wish we didn’t tap that button. We celebrate those mishaps because they make somebody else day and yes we learn from others… I don’t know how but believe me I wouldn’t want this to happen to me.

2 what should I ditch? The phone or the mirror…. ahhhhh okay I might as well take a selfie cause you know we guys….selfie…not our thing.

3Mhhh I’m trying to figure out if I should first feel sorry for the trapped people in the lift or laugh at this ridiculousness or maybe do both. Maybe the firemen saw this on twitter and came to help these people or he called for help after his few minutes of ……. I don’t even know what to call that

4I for sure wouldn’t dare do this…..this creeps me out. What if the coffin moves or a ghost photobombs…? yes, I am a great fan of ghost busters…. her pose speaks a thousand words…” hey Jude… I’m mm so I had a blast at you funeral…. see you in H”

5 He probably is somewhere looking at the newspaper, job section in his apartment trying to score work or already got a job working as a barrister or if he got luck maybe some few weeks’ suspension. Oh too bad for him but he should have finished putting off the fire…


Who could’ve guessed girls really didn’t know about his doll house? Is he even old enough to be using the B* word?

8Finish your business first. If what I’m seeing is what I think it is how did she pose for the selfie? She probably used up all the airfreshner

9I got a new phone…. let me see what this does…ahhh okay, selfie…no no no no wait …. Let me try a kylie pout….yeah so this is what happened…..

Hey you…I gat swag…. ten-year-old face, 26-year-old abs. this math is confusing, ah poor photoshoping skills. He probably should lose the face and get a new one. What going on your head?

11Should I cry? Scream? Laugh? I don’t know. I will just leave this here

12Daddy looks like a big baby. I guess it’s a play date, he went full on baby mode. Diapers??? No but she is daddy’s little girl and he will do anything to make her happy.

13Okay somebody get her a mirror first; oh she already has one. What’s with the eye squint?

14 One word…. gross!! armpit hair is stubborn, the only way to deal with it is to shave. She probably received tons of mail of hair removal cream. If she moved her hand to the right a little bit, she would have gotten away with it.

15Again! people who take coffin selfies. Does it freak anyone like it does to me. Grandma would hit his head so hard if she were alive. And he

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