16 Of The Most Awkward Photos That Will Crack You Up

There are times photos stray away from plan and turn hilariously awkward. Instead of frowning when we look at them, we simply smile and marvel at the little things that make life beautiful. To be honest, most of the awkward photos we see are never planned, they simply happen. When we end up coming across them, new aspects of life and different personalities of people we thought we knew are revealed. Sometimes even humor is added to it- and what’s life without humor.

Here are 18 photos that continue to tickle sides every time we behold them. Next time a photo of you is taken when you are not paying attention, don’t panic because it might just go viral.

This photo of Ellen and Clooney was just awkward by all manner of explanations. Though not real, just a thought of any possibilities of these two celebrities being in such a picture in the future was hilarious. But we have to give it up to the creator of this imagination.

This is one which you will keep on going back to wondering if the guy behind is coming out of water, a hole or clouds. Let’s not even start talking about the guy in front.

Warning! When you want to pull a booty-selfie, try making sure there are no kids around to witness this embarrassing practice.

Someone should have reminded this guy he already scored long ago and what’s remaining is playing catch. That’s a baby for heaven’s sake!

Crazy fans can freak you out. Lol. Rihanna must have wished for an escape route from this fan.

When a young boy and girl dress up in the same clothes as an older man and woman, it’s a representation of the later in their prime years. Looking at this, it’s a mystery why they are kissing. Shouldn’t they be mini-dad and mini-mum or something?

Nobody wants to be caught being dragged home in a drunken stupor like this. Especially with your father?

Someone please clarify this. Is there a holiday where dads and sons are supposed to be naked? This man thinks so.

Either Kim’s face on the screen of her phone was shocking or she was too excited to take a selfie with John Legend and Chrissie behind her.

The reason why honeymoons exist is just so such awkward lovey dovey situations can be avoided. The lady behind the couple isn’t amused at all.

Another holiday of nakedness. Or is it a reenactment of the Garden of Eden?

This is what happens when you try to shake hands with people who do not shake hands. President Obama’s hand was left hanging awkwardly.

Lol. Kanye wasn’t excited to be in the company of these wannabes. And he wasn’t afraid to hide it.

This is a smoking family; or do they manufacture cigarettes? Wrong message being passed across especially with the kids.

Another celebrity caught in an awkward fan moment. Khloe Kardashian had to endure this fan who wanted a back hug.

The fall of Mugabe. This was a headliner and even gave rise to several memes. The social networks enjoyed this one.

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