22 Hilarious Tinderers Who Deserve the Right Swipe

Here Are Some Tinder Profiles To Crack Your Ribs Off!
Tinder might be the place to look for random hook-ups or just find real love. If you are in tinder for the latter reason, I really think you need to reconsider. Many tinder users are there just for fun. Take a quick look at the following 22 profiles in tinder then prove me wrong later. Check out these crazy profile pics and tell me whether they deserve true loving.

Boy on a D
Let’s Pray Ryan doesn’t climax on his own face when he’s done “kiln’ it”… that would be gross.

Mega human transformer
He’s right about being a shitty transformer, let’s hope he doesn’t make it to the cinemas.

Oh Nathan
I also don’t see anything wrong with Nathan. Families right?

Jaimmie Lanister?
We can’t blame him, he’s got the looks and charms to accompany the low standards.

Becky's profile
I suppose 23 is the right age to love balls, any more 23 year olds out there? I have two loose balls.

What About Will
Will must be great with the ladies, if you come across him let him know I need him as a wingman.

16 and ready for a side chick, wait, Shrek aren’t you suppose to be 30 already?

Girl reading at the beach
Go on Jen, finish your book, I bet she reads the book from behind too.

At least you can ride him, this one must be a charmer.

Looks legit
Trust me guys, Faraz has me as his wallpaper, I’m more awesome.

Owh Boy
I’m saddened to see his bottle is no longer a virgin, bad Nicholas.

wrong hole :-O
Well that’s something we all say often, maybe next time do it with the lights on Alex.

apples and brandon
He must be a virgin… or is that a she? poor apple 🙁

Nicholas Profile
Anyone seen his parents? sorry Nicholas, only guys looking to get laid here.

63 and tindering
63 year old teenager, wait is she popping ecstasy? she must be popular among her peers.

About Vincent
You have to hand it to him, he’s hot great taste, plenty of girls out there match his description.

Living lifee large
More like everything mothers want to date…. only less fat.

Harmburger Jake
Go on, click next, no comments here, he already has the girl.

Respeck wale
We’ve all wanted to date whales at one point in life, only a few us get lucky.

She definitely nails it, give her a right swipe if you come across her profile.

brett profile
Let’s find him a job people, any employers on tinder?

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