20 Stars That Are Only Famous For Their Faces

No talent? That’s fine! Hollywood could sometimes irk the souls out of our morals when it comes to getting someone famous just for doing absolutely nothing, what’s worse is that people buy it. The crappy showbiz news the media gives us nowadays are extremely horrendous, it’s actually causing the younger crowd today to regress. But let’s face it, we actually succumb to these showbiz buzz everyday probably not on purpose but we do it nevertheless. Some celebrities are famous because of their performances in the film and music industry, others are famous because of well… just for the heck of it. Oh and their good looks too!

Here are 20 celebrities that has no talent but still is overwhelmingly famous:

1. Minka Kelly


Minka is one of the prettiest celebrities in hollywood, but that’s really all she’s known for. She’s never proved anything on her on-screen performances. She’s never played a role that’s very challenging. Almost in all her hollywood appearances, she’s just another face in the crowd; she just happens to have the prettiest face in the crowd, and that is what gives her work as an actress.

2. Selena Gomez


Selena is still very young and still has plenty of time to wow us on the big screen, but when’s that happening? We don’t know. Almost all the roles she’s had thus far have been childish, simple, or anything but special. With her growing fans, who pretty much just like her pretty face, she’s become overrated. Her voice isn’t awful, but it’s average. Average singers should not be famous or sell out stadiums. At the moment, she’s only seen as a girl with an adorable face who will bring in an audience that wants to gaze at her good looks for a couple of hours.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt


Has it been over 15 years since her debut of the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer”? Rumor has it that one top requirement she had to meet to snag the lead role of that film was having a pretty face. Jenny’s lovely look sure has stood above all. She can sing too, yes! But singing and acting wise, she poses on the average line along with others who really did not make it at the top of the industry. It’s just lucky how Jenny Love has a pretty face that she was able to make the cut.

4. Katherine Heigl


Can you think of a movie Katherine Heigl is in that doesn’t involve her playing a cute, perky, and perhaps absent-minded character. Perhaps none. Katherine is mediocre when it comes to acting. Most her roles aren’t really challenging at all. Sure, she had her moments in Grey’s Anatomy but that sure didn’t last long. It’s obvious that she gets her roles because of her looks and not her acting talent, which is modest at best. She has the look that producers want, and that’s why we keep seeing her in movies.

5. Denise Richards


Denise probably has some acting talents up her sleeve, but almost her entire career has been built on a few famous scenes from the movie “Wild Things,” one in particular. It’s impossible to see her in anything without thinking of that scene, and almost every role she’s had since that movie is accomplished because of that fact. Plus her looks just put her career up on track to it’s advantage.

6. Brook Hogan


Brook is only famous for being Hulk Hogan’s daughter. She lives off only on his dad’s fame and surprisingly gets fans of her own. She’s pretty yes, no doubt but talent wise, we’d take any commoner to sing or dance or act than wanting to watch her in any of the shows she stars at.

7. Lindsay Lohan


The only movie we could think of where Lindsay really become overwhelmingly famous was her role in Mean Girls, oh and some other teen movies that teeny boppers dig in the 90’s. Lindsay is not famous because she can act or sing. It’s because of her pretty face and no one can deny that. She’s never really taken a challenging role or proved her worth as an actress nor as a singer. That’s why when her behavior got out of hand and her personal life went over the cuckoo’s nest.

8. Tara Reed


When Tara was young and the bombshell looks every guy fantasizes about, she has gotten a ton of work and was well beloved by fans. Her role in American Pie was seemingly very memorable. But when she got a little older and the looks that made her excruciatingly famous started to fade, all the good roles started to fade as well.

9. Carmen Electra


Of course, she got her start on “Bay Watch,” and that role obviously had everything to do with her looks. Recently, the movies Carmen has been in have been so bad that the “Scary Movie” franchise may actually be some of her best work. She’s no doubt drop dead georgeous but let’s face it, there’s probably not a single movie Carmen has done that didn’t have to do with how she looks.

10. Pamela Anderson


If Pam had not been spotted in the stands of a Canadian football game, the world may never have known her. So there you have it, a brief story how Pamela Anderson became famous. She’s hot and beautiful and she obviously never would have gotten a job on “Baywatch,” and even many of her movies if not for her looks and astonishing physique.

11. Jessica Simpson


If you’ve seen her reality show with former husband Mr. Nick Lachey, you’d get to know Jessica as someone who’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Although to be fair she’s very good at being stupid. Her being so naive is a perfect complement to her Barbie doll looks, the perfect example of a typical “blonde”. Even if you can’t stand her personality or the things that come out of her mouth, people put up with it to watch her parade around on screen for a couple of hours.

12. Megan Fox

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Megan probably never had a role of her not being the hottest girl on screen. Maybe because, this is all she’s good at? – being beautiful and sexy. But come one folks, Why is it that instead of playing an ordinary woman, she seems to always be playing a sexy and seductive woman that drives men crazy in most of her movie roles? She can’t act, but she sure can do good on whatever the hell she’s doing right now.

13. Vanessa Ray


Okay, so the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star has a career that’s on the fast track to nowhere. Let’s not force it folks! She’s pretty and that’s it. End of story. Maybe she should consider modeling instead?

14. Paris Hilton

Paris sums up this entire list as well with her catchphrase: “That’s hot.” She has no talent whatsoever, but she’s just famous for um.. mostly everything! She has a gigantic closet which lands to every news and feature fashion article there is in the world. She can’t sing but has managed to release an album that sold millions, she can’t act the best, but was able to make appearances or cameos in some B movies, and these movies became famous because of her. For crying out loud, Paris is just the definition of living the fame life. She’s hot and she makes everything around her hot too, not to mention her bringing up her former “BFF” Kim K. to stardom.

15. Kate Upton


Kate Upton, has top notched a whole new level of fame without really having to do anything but put on a skimpy bikini and pose around beaches in the tropics. Okay, she does a few actings and she dances a little, but those arent really the reason why she’s top of the line hollywood famous. She’s the type of girl that makes all little girls in their teens want to be a bikini model when they grow up.

16. Kim Kardashian


It’s only been a matter of 10 years since Paris Hilton introduced her former bff, Kim to the world. Kim was merely a one hit celebrty – social climber with absolutely no claim to fame other than her hard work of being seen with other famous people.Counting that her full time job before, that is, being Paris Hilton’s BFF gave her a lot of attention and eventually got her glued to the top.Truth is, she is a very beautiful, gorgeous woman, no doubt. But she’s also absolutely talent-less in every way shape or form. But hey, she is famous and no matter how many times she’s had a couple of bad, awful and scandalous issues, she will obviously remain famous.

17. Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook has the face that was just too hard for hollywood to pass up of not making famous. Is she an actress? Is she a model? Really, what is she? Whatever it is, she’s leveraged the hell out of it, making a lingerie calendar every year, appearing in not-great movies, showing up for charity events and taking money to shill for companies with stuff to sell. Now she even has her own clothing line. But er, what is she anyway? Who gives a damn? She’s hot.

18. Cara Delevigne


Okay so before all you haters, started hatin’. Listen up, Cara is beautiful, funny and definitely a personality, hollywood can’t truly resist. But she’s obliviously getting too overrated right now. Yes, she can do some sick beat boxing and drumming and she’s no doubt great in modeling, a fan favorite Victoria’s Secret model to be exact. But acting and singing? Come one folks! Her recent performance in Sucide Squad was a horrible flop and her debut in Paper Towns was totally off and awfully ridiculous. She can sing, okay but can she hit the high notes, pffft! Maybe Cara should just stick to modeling and being funny on her snapchat stories.

19. Kourtney Kardashian


Besides, being the drama queen of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and being Kim’s older sister. Kourtney proved nothing in the spotlight besides being good at talking trash to other celebrities and gets away with it.

20. Iggy Azalea


This one is a different story from all the list though. She can’t rap, can’t sing. She talks trash on twitter and everyone hates her. She’s not pleasant to look at and definitely not classy at all. Why is she famous? Er, it’s because she’s made a spot for herself on the limelight by having too much haters.

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