19 Breathtaking Photos of Abandoned Places

Decades ago, man made big strides in industrialization and set up buildings that today lay abandoned. Cities, islands, bridges, parks, significant places have been abandoned for some reasons. Old has become gold in these cases. These abandoned places and destinations have been rediscovered over and over again and become world tourist attraction sites. Thousands of people flock these sites to get a glimpse back into history. Some of them have even been featured in movies and films depicting ancient times.
Photos of these abandoned places both on land and in water show the beauty and brains that were put to work to develop these and how nature has taken over to make them much more attractive. Below is a collection of photos showing some of these places. Let’s blow away your mind.

Amachu Pichu. The inhabitants of this village must have felt closer to God with the clouds so close above them. It looks peaceful here.

This abandoned church in snow is a sight to behold. The light illuminated from the church windows makes it look as holy ground.

An abandoned mill in Sorento, Italy. Decades have passed yet this mill stands alone in this forest of trees and shrubs unshaken.

This abandoned train tracks is the Chemin de fer de Petite, in France. These small tracks were used to send fortification to the cities during world wars. But later when the population outgrew the defenses, the tracks were of no use anymore. Right now, they are a beautiful path which produces beautiful flowers in spring.

Mare Island Naval Shipyard was used by sub marines. But later, was abandoned and floods have turned that place into a work of art. The water produces a perfect mirror; a mirror image of the interior of the shipyard.

This is famously known us China’s Atlantis. There are classic stories of sunken cities and this beautiful image proves one of them exists in chins. This city sunk at the bottom of the ocean and has become an attraction for divers.

The Chinese fishing village. It was once booming with fish business but after residents left, nature decided to inhabit take residence there. Perhaps it is so green because of the fertile soils due to fish leftovers.

The famous Nara Dreamland was built almost at the same time when Disneyland took the world by storm. It even had its own sleeping beauty castle. Sadly, Nara had to close its gate in 2006 due to low customer number. Looking at it right now, the place still brings the same awe it brought people when it was first opened.

This is an abandoned subway in New York City. It is as beautiful as it was. The unique intricate style it was built in makes it stand out and reveals just how strong it still is. It’s a nice place to simply stroll and take in the silence.

Crystal cave is a mining site. It is one of those sites that open your eyes to see nature is self driven.

5 (Small)
This rather unfortunate incident has brought up one of the most amazing sights you would look forward to seeing. The Bermuda triangle holds a picturesque view of ship wrecks on a sandbar.

This might look like a painted canvas image of a house full of sand but it’s actually the Kolmanskop in Namib Desert. It was abandoned and sand storms filled the house with sand, creating this unique site.

The titanic sank in 1912 and it took almost 8 decades for it to be rediscovered. And the scene will prove to you why it was the greatest ship ever. More than 70 years later and almost every part of the ship are intact.

abandoned jetty track
This photo of an abandoned jetty track is as mysterious as the place. As much as it seems dangerous, looking at it takes your breath away. It’s like looking at the road to nowhere.

spree park, berlin
Spree Park in Berlin, Germany is as mystical as it was. Only a little rusty now. It’s now home to wildlife, especially birds.

The sunken yacht in Antarctica looks like a resort built under water. It shines a shimmering blue and has stood the freezing temperatures without dismantling.

This abandoned homestead in Cambodia has an enormous tree with its roots growing right over the roof of the small houses. The roots are dominating and even intimidating.

Design and perfection describes this abandoned wooden house in Russia. Looking at how the details on the roof was done and just with wood, it’s not strange seeing the high cost of Russian furniture.

Abandoned flats in Keelung, Taiwan. They still stand amidst the forested place. Trees have overgrown around them and the lower flowers can barely be seen, but still they represent strong civilization.

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