13 Most Outrageous Comments of Donald Trump That Shocked The World

It didn’t take a while for the world to react violently when Mr. Donald J. Trump himself insisted that Muslims should be barred entry into the United States based on their religion. Whether this comment worked into sparking anger to his followers and into joining the Trump Train bandwagon, it certainly worked the other way around for the rest of the people across the world.

This however, isn’t the first atrocious comment the business man / politician has said. If you’ve been around America’s political hurdles for a while, you’re sure to notice the many times Donald Trump has dropped low blows into his campaign targeting other political candidates and people at the white house. His mean comments may have been ridiculously funny in the show, The Apprentice, but definitely not as a political candidate in the nearing 2016 Presidential Elections. With that said, it’s really just best to stick to the TV show’s script, Mr. Trump.

Here are 15 Most Outrageous Comments of Donald Trump so far:

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This is perhaps one of the first of the many debasing comments, he’s said during the early stage of his campaign. We all know that Illegal Immigration is a really big issue today in America but let’s be honest here, building a wall doesn’t really stop illegal immigration from happening, especially if these “immigrants” are so determined to climb it to get to the other side. Get the logic.


“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”

This was his insulting comment made to former rival Carly Fiorina during an interview, he later on added on a follow up that he was actually referring to Carly’s persona and not her face? Would you buy his excuse?
Another outrageous comment delivered by Trump on one of his earlier campaigns targeting America’s close tied hispanic race. It’s a total racial slur to call all Mexican immigrants as criminals, drug dealers and rapists.


Here, we see Donald Trump, telling the crowd, that back in the old days, this is how people (his supporters) should deal with protesters, – by punching them in the face!


Here’s another of his famous insults targeting his Republican former rival Rand Paul during the second GOP Presidential Debate. Such innuendo!


Oh Donald, you’re such acomic!That’s how a normal Trump supporter would say. This seemed too ridiculously narcissistic to be said on national television. Although you gotta admit, the comment does seem as hilarious as that wig of his.


It’s no surprise how the left would hate brand Trump supporters as racists. Here’s one of his tweets dropping mean comments to President Obama being black.


And so goes another attack on President Obama as a failed leader, emphasizing his African American origins.


This is perhaps the most outrageous and the MOST controversial comment, Donald Trump has said on public that massively gotalmost everyone in the world to hate him. Promoting hate and anger to his followers on illegal immigration is one thing, but promoting Islamophobia?it’s totally absurd.


Yes, folks! He definitely said this, on one of his campaigns last January. Oh wait? Is this why he’s also against the gun ban in the US?


Here, Donald Trump totally upgraded from being an a**hole to being the biggest a**hole there is, where a lot ofa**holes in the world wouldlook up to and say..“Now, there’s an a**hole”. This is his tweetbringing up the Clinton’s scandal, targeting his biggest rival Hillary Clinton.


This was Trump, encouraging Russia to commit cyber crime regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal. To which afterwards he said, he was only being “sarcastic” about it.


And so, as the list goes on and on for Donald Trump’s quotable insults and slurs in his campaigns, so does the amount of attention he’s getting from the global media. Whether positive or negative to the extreme, Donald Trump certainly has all eyes on him in today’s social hype of political news as he always has a say about everything. Is this just one big propaganda? Who knows.

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