15 Photos That Prove Beard Is Makeup for Men

When a one is seen with unkempt facial hair, friends and family are quick to talk him into shaving and cleaning up. But you know, facial hair, when kept well, is like makeup to guys. It conceals a lot of facial mishap and contours the face perfectly. While some guys might never consider keeping a beard, we have seen many who are completely transformed when they decide to keep a little facial hair. Facial hair was a sign a boy was growing into a man and that still stands. Growing into a man includes among other things being aware of what makes you look good and what doesn’t. Unlike women who can transform their looks by use of different kinds of makeup, men find it hard to conceal a lot of things using makeup due to of all the work that comes with the perfect look. But good news is #Movember opened people’s eyes to a male makeup tip which is the beard.

Celebrities have gone from cool to super cool with little unshaven facial hair and others have made the beard their trademark. Here are 15 photos to prove that beard is makeup for men.

1Ben Affleck was an ok guy who acted the part until he decided to grow a moustache and left some chin hair. Now he looks the part; the ladies man.

2We got used to a clean shaven Denzel Washington in our screens. A picture that gave us a hard personality of this action man. The beard actually added a soft, fatherly personality to his face.

3aDonald Glover was the cute boy with a soft voice before the beard; a face and voice everyone loved. The growth of the kinky beard and a development of a husky voice, Donald is a drop dead gorgeous face.

4 - Copy (Custom)Even drake acknowledged the transformation a beard brings. He now looks as hard as the hip-hop he raps.

5 George Clooney is certainly getting old. But even with the grey beard, he looks younger and more handsome than when he had no beard.

6aHenry Cavill with no beard: super handsome boy. Henry Cavill with beard: super duper handsome man. Certainly a man that commands attention.

7aThe shaven Idris Elba face is serious and hot. The bearded face is what we want to stay because it calls attention to his hard eyes.

8aJake Gyllenhaal, before the beard wasn’t attractive at all. He was pretty plain. Failing to shave for a month earned him a wow face.

9aJohn Krasinski looked like a boy fresh out of college without a beard. When he decided to take the knowledge that a beard is s sign of manhood, we met John Krasinski the man. Even his bright eyes are sparklier.

10aLooking at a picture of bearded Jon Hamm and shaven John Hamm, it’s hard to tell which of them came first. Anyway, the bearded look makes him look younger.

Justin Timberlake
The first time Justin Timberlake was taken seriously as both an actor and a singer, was when he appeared with a beard. He stole hearts.

12Leonardo Dicaprio would still look 30 without a beard. That beard did him justice and injustice at the same time. Now he is aging gracefully but you have to look hard enough to recognize him.

13aThe clean shaven Robert Pattinson face is not attractive at all especially with the jaw bones protruding like that. The beard brought a bad boy look but contoured his face well.

14 Ryan gosling is super hot with the beard. Case closed. No arguments.

15aLately, Zayn Malik has been getting a lot of attention from female A-list celebrities. We think it’s the beard because his past clean face was boyish and shy.

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