16 Photos That Prove There Are Awesome People Among Us

Today’s world has driven people to be self centered, boredom and frustrations has driven the very essence of life out of us. One can say we have lost faith in humanity. We can also say there is nothing to live for anymore. But while we might be giving up on our own, there are a section of people who still find a reason to enjoy life in little ways. There are people who make us marvel at how simple things in life can be so awesome. A simple hug, stopping to help a needy person, feeding the hungry, defying old age to attend the super bowl and other simple things make life so beautiful and make you so awesome.

Here are photos of people who we deem absolutely awesome by their actions and words. They prove that life isn’t so boring and heartless if you try being extraordinary. These awesome photos will make you see that truly awesome people are living among us from the young to the old.

This young boy decided to invent a new form of currency called smiling. He was giving people a glass of lemonade in exchange for a smile. He just proved he is one little awesome boy.

Cops aren’t always grumpy and badass. This cop proves that they can be pretty cool and awesome. He has decided to help a man who ran out of gas by refilling his tank using a alert cone as a funnel.

The owner of this library/book store recognizes the need for people to look for hidden treasure in books. And because money has become everything, he/she has decided to make the people who can’t afford these books everyday get a chance of mining for treasure too.

This Granny is a here to tell you that you are never too old to be a badass. Is there anything more awesome than this?

The run to get the prize doesn’t stop some people from being human. This Ohio athlete proves this when she stopped to help an athlete run to the finish line.

Numerous letters and notes we leave in comment boxes of shops, institutions and other businesses are rarely answered. But this particular business, Sainsbury’s, will definitely take the price of the most awesome home for being able to reply to a little girls scribbled letter. And in addition, gift her with a little voucher to spend.

Humanity has not lost its beautiful purpose of helping others. It is human to help others. But we rarely see such heartwarming moments of people giving what they want to those who really need them. This man decided to give his sandals to a homeless girl.

This cop knew the essence of being a role model and dressed up his son just like him.

This is how we should treat each other. Aren’t these cute kids so adorable? They are awesome by all means; their hearts are full of love. And to think they had just met for the first time!

A protestor hugs anti riot police during demonstration, peace and love is always the answer people, peace and love.

I can’t imagine how many couples got to appreciate one another thanks to the charity from a friendly neighborhood little girl. I hope she finds a wonderful boyfriend when she’s all grown.

Another proof that cops are so awesome. This cop pulls up to a lady whose car has broken down and offers a helping hand.

A citizen decides to calm the standoff between police and rioters by playing the piano, if they still went ahead and rioted then I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

I will find you Gilligan, and I will make you my neighbor. This is no doubt pure awesomeness.

This sweet stranger decided to help a fellow stranger who didn’t even realize he/she needed help. Faith in humanity restored.

Citizens of Bangkok  divided by politically chaos but these loving people used this as an opportunity to share roses with government soldiers despite their divides.

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