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Three Sisters Found A Kitten On The Brink Of Death. But Then She Met Their Husky Dog – And What Happened Next Is Too Adorable For Words

When a group of sisters discovered a poor, homeless kitten on the brink of death, they had to do everything they could to save it. And with time of the essence, they took a serious gamble on a rather unorthodox solution. But nobody could have […]

By Chris
March 10, 2017

Dead Sperm Whales Were Washed Up On North Sea Shores. What Was Found In Their Stomachs Is An Absolute Nightmare

Marine biologists were brought to tears upon discovering thirteen dead sperm whales washed up on the North Sea Island shore in Germany. What they found in the animals’ stomachs is deeply disturbing. The shocking discovery left scientists in a cold sweat, adding to a puzzling […]

By Andra
December 29, 2016

Dead Anaconda Found with Swollen Belly Hiding Mysterious Contents

Anacondas are known for eating a wide variety of large prey, including everything from fish and birds to wild pigs. So, when a couple of guys came across this dead anaconda, the swollen belly wasn’t very surprising. Well, it wasn’t very surprising until they cut […]

By Aaron
December 13, 2016

The Story Behind This Goat in a Duck Costume Will Touch Your Heart

A cute little goat in a duck costume makes for an adorable photo, but it’s the story behind these photos that are truly touching.  The story begins with a goat rescue group in New Jersey called Goats of Anarchy.

By Aaron
December 6, 2016

Rusty Was Chained Up For Almost 15 Years – See His Life Once He’s Rescued

After three years of seeing him hang his head and mill around in the dirt, one man would ultimately become a savior for a little dog in need. Every day, the man would walk to work through 120° heat in Phoenix Arizona, and pass by […]

December 6, 2016

Male Dog With Motherly Instincts Adopts Orphaned Tiger Cubs And It Couldn’t Be More Adorable

Two orphaned tiger cubs have found an unusual mother figure – a male pointer mix dog with motherly instincts, called Leon. A German Zoo has its own mama dog who lovingly nurtures abandoned cubs. But here is what’s truly exceptional about this heartwarming story: the […]

By Andra
December 4, 2016